The different problems in pregnancy

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Heart: the most active organs

Heart is one of the most important organ in the human body. Primarily it is pumping organ. And it pumps by making a characteristics called as the “lub” and the “dub”. The first sound being the “lub” and the second sound being the “dub”. The pumping happens for the blood which helps in distributing the blood all over the body and the blood being the most important transport system of the body also called as the liquid connective tissue is the best way by which the body gets the nutrients to all the portions. Another important thing about the heart is that it works on a daily basis that is 24*7 and each and every minute. Such is the efficiency of the heart. And the body is programmed in such a way that if the heart stops working for some time and pauses, it will surely cause a lot herm to the body and thus it will cost our body also. So keeping the heart in a good condition must be the priority for each and every human being. A healthy heart will ensure longer time and also a healthy body. However problems with the heart is very much among the human beings and in fact the pregnant woman’s also face such problems. For them it is largely because of the problem in the space as the diaphragm faces a lot of constriction.


Heartburn is problem that is not at all connected with the heart. Although the name might suggest like that but in reality heart burn is something totally different. So let’s get to the details of heart burn. Heart burn is actually the sensation that happens in the human beings because of not heart problem but mainly due to acidity and other problems. It is mainly linked with imbalanced metabolism and other problems in the digestive system. When acidity occurs that is faulty digestion occurs it releases a lot of acids in the body that acid is very felt like burning sensation which is called as the heart burn. Now there is thing that each and every pregnant woman faces is that the mood swings and as a result of which they tend to eat many things different at different times according to their mood which, might cause problem in the digestive system. And thus it is seen that indigestions are very much common in the case of the pregnant woman’s. Thus they feel a burning sensation because of the acidity and the acid released in the chest area.


Heartburn medication pregnancy are very much available and best thing is that it never comes with any type of side effects and thus it is absolutely safe to use the drugs.

Heart problem

Pregnant woman also face heart problem as the diaphragm gets constricted and can’t move in free way as the lower abdominal region becomes very much bog due to the baby. Although the situation in most of the cases are controlled easily and is cured with simple attributes.

The difference

Thus heartburn and heart condition while pregnant are two different processes altogether.


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