How to Heal Yourself of Heart Disease


On a physical level, the heart acts as a two way pump for the circulatory system. As such, it is the life giving organ that regulates the flow of life force throughout the body. Coronary Heart Disease is the most common cause of death in North America. As is reiterated in my previous articles, traditional medicine has a hard time identifying what causes disease and why some people get them and others don’t.

The Traditional View:
Traditional medicine, or current mainstream medical practices, teaches us that all illness is the result of some physical cause. For heart disease, the cause is most commonly attributed to factors such as smoking, genetics, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, high alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and stress. Research has shown smoking appears to be the cause of about 36% of cases and obesity roughly 20%.

According to what is happening on the physical level, these are the most identifiable causes of why it manifests in a person’s body. Unfortunately, there is never a reliable, solid cause that can be pinpointed by traditional medicine and its counterparts. Why? Because the physical body is not the source of illness and disease and until the actual source is understood, the confusion will remain.

The Body Has No Power of Itself:
According to our traditional thinking, we believe that all illness and disease are caused by something going wrong physically in our bodies. For heart disease, the physical cause is mainly attributed to hypertension and genetics. But these are not the real causes. Why? Because the physical level, including our bodies, is the level of effect, not the cause itself. If this is true, and if nothing physical is the cause, then what is? In the general sense, it is the mental and emotional levels, as all things exist in the mind before they become physical.

Quite practically, the physical body can do nothing in and of itself. It does not have power to create anything, including illness, sickness and disease. Power comes from being at cause, and seems the physical level is the level of effect; it has no power to create. The physical body merely reflects the mental. In other words, our physical bodies are no more than a mirror of what is taking place within us on a mental and emotional level.

The Actual Cause of Heart Disease:
As unfortunate as it may be, traditional medicine is seeking the causes of illness and disease in the wrong places. In reality, something physical, like smoking for example, cannot cause a physical effect in the form of an illness or disease. Put another way, an effect cannot create another effect, only cause can create an effect. With that being so, why are there similar physical actions or symptoms shown in people who share an illness or disease? Essentially, it is because they are seeking to find a way to alleviate the mental and emotional pain and imbalance taking place within them.

It’s interesting to note that the heart is placed virtually at the centre of the body. If a person is centred, they are living from the heart in a balanced state of love and trust. A heart disorder is the manifestation of the opposite mindset. This person is fighting the current of life to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. Often the person with heart disease seeks love through what they do for others. Essentially, heart disease is an urgent message from your body to change your perception of yourself.

How to Cure Heart Disease:
As I have stated in my previous articles, this new paradigm of thinking requires us to let go of the belief that illness and disease is an enemy that serves no purpose. Everything in our life is either an expression of love or a call to love. Illness and disease, in whatever form, is a call for us to love ourselves, because we are not living out of love in an area or areas of our life. It is all designed to lead us forward in life, not to lead us backward or to destroy us.

All illness and disease is a message from our bodies, helping us be conscious of what we are not conscious of. Heart disease is a specific message that you are not allowing for the proper flow in your life; whether it’s the flow of ideas, of love, or of your very lifeblood. To bring about healing, you need to tap into the wellspring of love within you by changing your belief that love can come only from others. Give yourself the love you seek and it will always be there. Start believing that you deserve love and affection from others and that you are just as loveable as everyone else.

Once the beliefs and perceptions that cause heart disease are changed and balanced, it will disappear automatically. There is no need for any type of physical intervention, although it is encouraged that you still seek such intervention as your beliefs necessitate. All real healing requires no pills, no diet, no exercise, or any other physical treatment. This is how it works for every single illness and disease a person experiences, without exception. When we understand the real purpose of illness and disease, our lives will be changed forever. The question we need to constantly ask ourselves when we experience illness and disease is this: “My body is sending me a message, am I listening?”


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